tribes are missing out on opportunities provided by the united states congress for relief and stimulus for the covid-19 pandemic. tribes must be creative and diligent with how tribes seek relief and stimulus money. every legislative act brings with it exceptions and the ability to construe its interpretation. tribes are aware that inclusive enactments must specifically exclude tribes, and exclusive enactments must specifically include tribes, and that otherwise tribes can participate in programs created by congressional act. to move in the direction of receiving relief or stimulus money requires each tribe to develop detailed analyses to present the exceptions or interpretations through which the tribe seeks to avail itself of the opportunities provided by congress for relief and stimulus in response to the covid-19 pandemic. essential helps governments develop programs and federal funding sources.

covid-19 relief and stimulus laws:

coronavirus preparedness and response supplemental appropriations act, 2020 (public law 116-23; march 6, 2020)

families first coronavirus response act (public law 116-127; march 18, 2010)

coronavirus aid, relief, and economic security act (public law 116-136; march 27, 2020)

paycheck protection program and health care enhancement act (public law 116-139; april 24, 2020)

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