the covid-19 pandemic for some time to come will affect the economy in the united states and, in turn, how state, local, and tribal governments fund their services and programs. even as tax and other revenues are way down after the spring closures, the number of covid-19 cases is up with the start of summer. the summertime heat has not slowed the spread of the virus that causes covid-19 as compared to the effects of the states’ current efforts to reopen their economies. the bottom line is that covid-19 is not going away without a vaccine and, for now and for some time to come, covid-19 will continue to affect the economy and how governments fund their services and programs. essential helps governments and communities recover from the effects of disasters like the covid-19 pandemic.

today’s numbers for covid-19 cases in the united states; and, in arizona; california; florida; minnesota; new mexico; new york; oklahoma; oregon; texas; washington

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