complex projects

sourcing, developing, funding, building, managing, and operating complex projects on and off existing land bases to build sustainable economies


achieving goals through planning for robust governance, expanding essential services, and necessary programs to support economic development


addressing disaster mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery on a whole-of-government approach to build resilient economies


providing a full suite of government administration functions and components on an integrated outsourced basis to help governments build capacity

about us

fifty years of experience working with diverse governmental agencies, along with successful business development programs . . . 

. . . specializing in tribal governments and communities . . .

. . . our team has multi-disciplinary work and educational backgrounds with extensive experience in managing governmental programs and working with tribal, federal, state and local governments, and has taught, written, and published on a variety of subjects . . . 

. . . we work locally across the united states

about our clients

governments, and their agencies, authorities, and business development boards . . .

 . . . tribal governments, including tribes with no gaming or smaller gaming facilities, or tribes that are tied down with debt covenants on larger gaming facilities . . . 

. . . we help communities seeking to grow from public support or single transaction based economic bases to sustainable and resilient economies
built on robust multi-layered, multi-functional economic development engines that use broad spectrum income opportunities

what we offer

a proven track record in revenue generation and efficiency in governance and long-term protection of sovereignty and jurisdiction in economic development, taxation, and related matters resulting from agreements between tribal, federal, state and local governments and their agencies

a results based method

from targeted technical assistance, to accelerated time to development within existing government administration structures, to in-house capabilities when requested to work on a “we do it all basis,” our proprietary essential method and short work cycles provide definite measures of effectiveness, firm quantifiable tasks, and firm but achievable dates for the accomplishment of goals. we use our experience in building economies to help governments implement an upward spiral of gains as to governance, increasing scope (fulfillment of more needs) of essential services, and success in increasingly complex economic development projects. with proper involvement of the necessary governmental and community stakeholders in each of three critical lines of effort – economic development, governance, and essential services – our essential method is intended to produce net cash flow in 120 days. 

program development and funding

we have extensive knowledge and experience at sourcing and developing a variety of governmental, non-profit, and private funding sources for governments seeking to defray some or all of the cost to implement complex projects related to economic development, governance, and essential services. by focusing simultaneously on governance and essential services, at the same time as economic development, we assist governments in program development and the successful identification, research, writing, submission, administration, and closeout under a variety of federal programs for funding of projects ranging from roads, to energy, to water, to housing, as well as loan guarantee programs for economic development. as necessary for our assignment, we identify all funding sources and apply the necessary effort for the benefit of our governmental clients. 

resiliency through recovery

we have extensive experience in working with governmental entities and communities as to the recovery phase of major disasters and wars including strategic planning and implementation to address long-term needs of the damaged community to include housing, employment, economic development, and infrastructure. we are different than other disaster response providers in that we have experience managing governmental programs both inside and outside of disasters and we deploy a systemic and strategic process – our proprietary essential method – to allow governments to respond appropriately to disasters. we all hope that disasters will never strike; however, disasters point out the fragile nature of economies that rely on only one or two economic sources. we use our experience to help governments achieve the broad based economic development engines necessary to build sustainable and resilient economies. 

what we bring

a broad range of experience as to the planning, development, management, and successful administration and operation of a variety of projects, business ventures, and programs for governmental and non-governmental entities

disaster experience

1993 flood, montezuma, georgia

1995 hurricane opal, florida and georgia

1999 fires, everglades, florida

2001 fires, everglades, florida

2003 fires, everglades, florida

2004 hurricane charlie, florida

2004 hurricane ivan, florida

2005 hurricane katrina, alabama and louisiana

2005 hurricane rita, louisiana and texas

2005 hurricane wilma, florida

2008 hurricane ike, texas

2009 h1n1 “swine flu” pandemic

2019 flooding, california

2020 covid-19 “coronavirus” pandemic

economic venture experience

agricultural including citrus, corn, and peppers

aircraft development and sales

banks and credit unions

construction management

contract fulfillment for federal government

convenience stores and fuel stations

eco tourism including hiking and exploration

fixed income broker-dealer

fuel distribution

gaming complexes

hotels and resorts


janitorial services

livestock both breeding and feedlot

motocross parks and related retail

oil and gas exploration

pharmaceutical distribution and sales

quick-serve restaurants

rv parks and related amenities

sit-down restaurants and bars

slaughterhouses and related logistics facilities

tractor development and retail sales

other economic development experience

hubzone and hubzone related businesses

section 8a minority business entities

native american owned businesses

international trade and related commercial developments

technology platforms and systems

fund clearing systems and processing platforms

large scale concert and special event productions

mixed-use residential, retail, and commercial developments

revitalization of national farming and agricultural industries

essential services project experience

water and wastewater treatment facilities

construction or revitalization of schools

residential developments

industrial power generating programs with off-load switching

regional roadway networks

upgrade and revitalization of national railway system

improvement of rail-related marine port facilities

renewable energy facilities and installations

national warehousing system

revitalization of international airport

federal program experience

tribal transportation program

rural development grants

indian community development block grants

indian energy and economic development

solar energy technologies office

energy efficiency and conservation block grants

water power technologies office

clean water indian set aside program

indian environmental general assistance program

tribal public water systems supervision support

tribally designated entity grants

indian housing block grants

rural innovation fund

resident opportunity / self-sufficiency grants

family self-sufficiency grants

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“brave people rejoice in adversity, just as brave soldiers triumph in war”

lucius annaesus seneca


essential action items for governments and their communities

seven questions for every tribal governing body to consider as to their past and current projects. essential helps tribes overcome common impediments.
state and local covid-19 requirements are compensable to tribes. essential helps governments achieve resilient economies.
the covid-19 pandemic for some time to come will affect how state, local, and tribal governments fund their services and programs. essential helps governments and communities recover from disasters.

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please contact us about our process for determining the next steps to help your government and community build a sustainable and resilient economy